Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Adore Etsy: Three Shops I Love

I adore Etsy! Not only do I sell my own artwork and embellished apparel on etsy (visit me at!), I also shop on Etsy. It is a fantastic thrill to browse the work of fellow creatives (many of whom are also mamas dividing their time between babies & artistic pursuits!) and to be inspired by their entreprenuial spirits. I am constantly falling in love with all the unique, beautiful items for sale that are produced on such small, individual scales. I always feel like my etsy purchases are extra-super-duper special and that’s because they are!

This cake stand inspires me to make yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 
This berry bowl is perfect for summer's bounty of strawberries. Yum!

Today I’d like to share three of my most favorite Etsy stores with you! The first is a lovely little shop called Jeanette Zeis Ceramics. You can visit them at Jeanette hand-makes the most gorgeous pottery, everything from cake & cupcake stands (I am a gigantic cupcake fan and these are sooooo cute!) to dinnerware to hanging fruit baskets. It is my personal contention that not only should your food be beautiful, your dishes should be too!

Gorgeous breezy seafoam green dream.
Modern hippie casual is lovely.

Another of my most favorite Etsy stores is Thaitee. This shop, based out of Thailand, is a community effort that produces the most comfortable clothes ever! You can visit them at I have about five pairs of Thai fisherman pants that I wear daily. They are soft and casual, but yet, are also fashionable, and come in a variety of single colors and bright Asian patterns. As you may already know, Thai fisherman pants are always one size fits all—that’s how they are designed. The great thing about this is that you truly do not need to try these on before buying, making them a safe bet every time (which is nice since they ship from halfway around the world!) As a mama on-the-go, I think these are so perfect!

Hummingbird recipe cards add sunshine to any kitchen.
Rock on, little squirrel dude!

Lastly, I love shopping at This store is a quirky gift shop featuring the artwork of the talented artist, Susie Ghahremani. You can find everything here from T-shirts & hoodies to art prints & magnets to recipe cards & jewelry to bookplates & notepads. If you need to get a friend a birthday gift or even a little something special for yourself, this is the place to be. Its’ got it all, and it all is super cute and funky—one-of-a-kind. Plus, I love squirrels, and Susie draws the most fantastic little squirrel character playing a guitar. I’ve got a magnet of him on my fridge!

Happy shopping, friends! I hope you find something you love (and can’t resist buying!) on Etsy!