Friday, June 10, 2016

NEW Grad-U-Awesome Greeting Card

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Super Star Interview: June CANCELED

Hello My Fabulous Blog Readers!

I want to drop you a little note because you may have noticed that a new interview did not post on the first Tuesday of this month. Unfortunately, the super star interview that was scheduled did not come thru as planned and there was not enough time to secure a replacement, so we had to go without. BUT—without a doubt—I will think of a way to make it up to you later in the summer…so stay tuned!!

And be sure to check in next month (note July’s interview will post on the first Wednesday of the month just this once to accommodate summer schedules in the Super Jane household!)! I’m pleased to announce that I have the lovely Illustrator, Maria Mola, on the schedule for July!! How fantastic is that?!


Super Jane Smith