Sunday, December 2, 2012

Super Hoot's NEW Mini Mix-and-Match Collection

Super Hoot is proud to present our new Mini Mix-and-Match Collection, which features a bunch of original mixed media artwork, similarly sized and colored, that can either stand alone or be grouped together for a dramatic statement in a baby nursery, playroom or fun family space! All artwork is made with bright, colorful paper, sweet fabric and acrylic paint details on wood and each one has a small hole drilled in the back, so it’s ready to hang when you are. Shop Super Hoot today!

NEW Mini Mix-and-Match Collection
Purple Petaled Flower
How fantastically cute is this?
Happy Smiley Flower Friend
Whooo, whooo can resist these owls?!
Super Hoot, Hoot!
Berries, bunnies, flowers, oh my!
Swirly Lollipop Flower
Pink Bunny Baby Girl